Personal Development Never Stops

Being in sales is a great opportunity many people never get to fully experience. In the beginning we all start with a great deal of excitement starting something new. Then we have dreams of financial success as we begin to see others in the office making their dreams become a reality.

There is one key factor that will help every sales professional get past the hills & valleys of selling and stay on a continued upward course to success.

Personal Growth

It is personal growth that makes our profession exciting. And it’s that commitment to personal development that will forecast’s your financial success.

Simply put: “Your income is directly reflected in your personal growth. ”

Just about every other profession has some type of schooling where one can be trained with intense classes, assignments & testing before graduation and then off to work. But for most sales professionals; they have no formal training. They just throw themselves out there and hope for the best. That is not how we do things around here!

This entire site was created for our agents as a resource of development. For the agent that just started today…to the agent that has been here for more than 10 years. We all need to sharpen our skills.

Quick Tips:

When developing a new skill set, they key is repetition. We suggest that you write everything down. Most of the skills you will learn are taught as outlines. Some outlines have exact wording that you need to use when getting started.

To get over the initial discomfort of following a script, you must write it down word-for-word and practice multiple times everyday. Practice in front of the mirror. Practice smiling while your talking. Pay attention to your body language. What does your posture look like? What are your hands doing? Everything is communication and you are highly compensated to communicate well with people every day. This is the initial price you will have to pay for development.

“Amateurs always ad-lib.

That’s why they are paid so little.

Professionals practice every day the words (scripts, presentations) & gestures they use to communicate with their prospects and network!


Below are skill blocks. They are the basic skills for each step in our sales process. They are put into order of importance. So don’t try to master the last before the first.


Master Each Skill Set To Opening New Payroll Accounts

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